A very rare opportunity to own a little piece of old Scotland and become a Laird or Lady of Bandrum.


Beautifully located land overlooking the Firth of Forth - just 40 minutes away from Edinburgh.


The pack includes a stunning set of personalised documents to make your pack even more special.



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Where are the land plots?

Although located in an area of outstanding beauty, the plots are only about 40 minutes drive to central Edinburgh. In fact, at the very epicentre of Scottish history. Robert the Bruce, William Wallace, and many other giants of our history walked these lands, fought in them and died in them (Robert Bruce is buried only 6 miles away in Dunfermline Abbey). Precise maps diagrams and directions are included with the Owners Guide to Bandrum.

Is the view really as good as you say it is?

It is probably better. In fact, we may not have done it justice because, it is truly stunning. You can see Stirling, the William Wallace (Braveheart) Monument, Ben Lomond, the Firth of Forth, the legendary Forth Bridge and Edinburgh Castle. Virtually where all Scottish history took place in one panoramic vista.

How do I personalise my plot documents?

Simple. Just use the password that you will receive and go to the Scottish Land Sales website and follow the simple to use instructions. You will be able to get your plot number, precise location, as well as the opportunity to personalise your documentation within minutes.

Will I actually own the land?

Yes, most assuredly. We have gone to a very great deal of trouble to make certain of that our customers are completely legally protected. Each plot has had its own location identified and has been given a unique national grid and administrative reference number by our official surveyors. It is legally leased to you (and your successors) for a full 175 years - the maximum available under Scottish Law- and thereafter it is extendable indefinitely - complete free of charge. The land then belongs to you and your descendants in perpetuity. You will receive a legally binding Contract drawn up by our lawyers in Edinburgh in which your rights are enshrined in the Law of Scotland.

Can I buy the plot but give it to someone else (for example as a present)?

No problem. The special password that you receive allows you to register the plot in any name that you choose - either your own name or in the name of a friend or family member. Alternatively, when purchasing, simply give us the email address of the person you are buying it for and we will send the plot passcode directly to them.

Can more than one person own the Plot?

Yes, we allow two names on each plot (we are the only company that does this).

Can the plot be inherited?

Yes, as it is your exclusive property, and it will pass on to your descendents with your other property.

Can I build on the plot?

The intention is to keep the land in its natural beautiful condition, so it cannot be built on. The land is to be preserved for present and future generations (particularly your own). In this way, you will be helping to keep a beautiful part of Scotland beautiful forever. You will also be helping to protect the varied wildlife that lives in the area.

Does possession of this land entitle me to British citizenship?

Scottish citizenship would be much more appropriate; but sorry, the answer is no. Ownership of land in the United Kingdom of Great Britain (of which Scotland is currently a part) does not automatically confer any citizenship or residential rights.

What is a “Laird”?

Long ago in Scotland, great landowners were known as “Lairds” It was not an official title like Count or Duke, but more a recognition of a landowning status in society. Status which came directly from being the owner of land.

So, can I really become a Scottish Laird?

By purchasing a piece of land at Bandrum in the ancient Kingdom of Fife, you have become different from other people (how many people do you know who own land?) You have therefore truly earned your status as a Landowner and, as a consequence, you become a Laird of the lands of Bandrum (Note: men will be designated as "Laird". Women will be designated "Lady"). This is not a formal title like Lord but a distinguished form of address that gives plot owners a lot of fun. In Scottish law anyone can call themselves laird or lady but imagine the fun when it comes with genuine ownership of Scottish land. Each Plot can be in the name of maximum 2 persons (male and female or same sex).

Are there taxes or other official issues related to land ownership?

There are no taxes or any further financial liabilities whatsoever. The purchase price is the only cost that will ever be incurred.

Can I buy more than one plot?

Yes, you can buy as many as you like in different names. For example, they make great present for groups at parties and special occasions. Or for companies wishing to thank loyal customers. Just slip the pass code into a greeting card and it becomes a Gift Card.

Can I visit the land?

You can and we would encourage you to do so. The walks are truly superb and the enormity of the views will astonish you. All directions on how to get to the plots are given in the Owners Guide. We would, however, ask you to stay on the pathways, ensure gates are closed, and respect the property and privacy of your neighbours. When visiting, why not call into our immediate next door neighbour, Saline Golf Club, for a meal or a game of golf or a friendly chat about the area.


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